About Us


Saskatchewan has two locals: 1985 and 1021.

Millwright Local 1021

Millwrights Union Local 1021 consists of over 250 highly trained and extremely skilled millwrights.  Local 1021 is located in Saskatchewan and our members will have the opportunity to work in every corner of the province.  We pride ourselves on being the best, and we are committed to maintaining and preserving the unique skillset that union millwrights possess.  Established in 1968, our local has been supplying millwrights to projects throughout Saskatchewan.  From electrical generating stations to uranium mining to the many potash facilities, our members have a unique opportunity to install, diagnose, repair, and maintain specialized equipment in facilities throughout the province.

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Carpenters & Scaffolder Local 1985

UBC Local 1985 was established in the year 1985 by blending Saskatchewan’s existing UBC Carpentry Locals. This move was made to strengthen and unify the UBC in the province.

Local 1985 currently covers the jurisdiction of Carpentry & Scaffolding. Our members work through our signatory contractors at various locations across the province, but mostly in Industrial settings.

Our biggest strengths are our dual-ticketed members and training qualifications. Our membership is supported and encouraged to advance through provincial apprenticeship programs to earn their Carpentry Red Seal and their Scaffolding Competency.