Sisters in the Brotherhood

The UBC International Sisters in the Brotherhood Committee (SIB) offers opportunities to network and participate in workshops that expose women to UBC history and develop skills to become more active within the union. SIB events, meetings, and resources, both local and online, offer substantive support for women members in every Council.  If you have the drive and the can-do attitude to become a true professional, consider becoming a member of the UBC.

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The goal of Sisters in the Brotherhood is to create a network of active members that provides avenues for women to eliminate barriers to their success and to promote an increase in the number and diversity of women in the UBC. We advocate for member involvement to strengthen the union and for the unity and retention of all members.

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Saskatchewan Sisters in the Brotherhood Chairperson
Cathy Cayea

Manitoba Sisters in the Brotherhood Chairperson
Martine Lacasse

PARC Sisters in the Brotherhood Contact

Canadian District SIB Representative
Amanda Leggette